M. N. C. Sports is a professional swimming consultancy providing solutions for every need in the field of swimming, M.N.C. Sports has a team of professional technicians with the help of whom we under take annual maintenance and coaching contract of swimming pool. We provide best coaching of result giving crystal clear quality to the pool water.

M.N.C. Sports uses state of the art chemicals to maintain our pool. We use the following chemicals for maintenance: Chlorine Tablets, Granule Chlorine (TTCA) , Liquid Chlorine.

We maintain our pools water at 7.6 PH – 7.8 PH level constantly, We also make sure that chlorine level in the water does not go beyond 1.0 PPM to 1.5 PPM. Our technicians are well versed in the above skill.

We are at preset maintaining pools at

  • 1. E Zone Club
  • 3. Janhavi Meadows
  • 2. HSR Club
  • 4. Vibgyor, Marathahalli
  • We take up all kinds repair work and servicing of swimming pools

  • 1. Acid wash
  • 5. Fitter Motor Servicing
  • 2. Grouting
  • 6. Special Chemicals for pools
  • 3. Filter Media Change
  • 7. Tiles replacement or any        kind of pool works
  • 4. Leakage Sealing